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Signature Whitening Kit (BUNDLE)

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SAY CHEESE TEETH Signature Whitening Kit.
which only needs 3 easy steps and that is all for to achieve a brighter and whiter smile! Our teeth whitening kit is the latest generation, coming at dual light technology to reduce teeth sensitivity and at the same time effectively cleaning off the stains and germs on your teeth. Using our teeth whitening kit, it can reach the small and detailed places where only brushing your teeth is not enough. Our teeth whitening kit is definitely safe to use as it is waterproof and the ingredients are tested to be safe. Automatic timer, and magnetic wireless charging.  You can experience visible results within 3-4 sessions (results vary individually).

SAY CHEESE TEETH Signature Bamboo Toothbrush.
It is 100% Organically grown from Moso bamboo, making our product one the most SUSTAINABLE purchases on this planet. Clean smile. Clean Planet. One brush at a time.

SAY CHEESE TEETH Signature Bamboo Charcoal Toothpaste.
it is formulated 🧬 with the best natural ingredients, making it definitely safe to use! Also one of the main specialities of the toothpaste is that it is a FLUORIDE-FREE toothpaste. As fluoride is contained in most of the toothpaste in the market now, it is causing white spots on your teeth. That is where the cause of the white spots on your teeth comes from. And thick treatment paste is designed to effectively remove tough coffee, tea, tobacco, wine, food colouring stains and other stubborn discolouration stains on the surface of your teeth without damaging it. Our toothpaste will soothe sensitive gums and polishes teeth gently without harming teeth enamel. For the results, reveal the original whiter and brighter teeth.


Bundle contain :

  • Signature Whitening Kit.
  • Whitening Gel Pen & 1 Desensitizing Gel Pen
  • 1 Charger
  • Bamboo Charcoal Toothpaste.
  • Bamboo Toothbrush.

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